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01/2012 Meetings & Events

    January 2012
    Date Event Type
    January 26 Legal Updates For 2012 Meeting
    February 2012
    Date Event Type
    February 16 KEEP IT SAFE! Protecting Your Company’s Assets/Building an Effective Trade Secret Program Meeting
    March 2012
    Date Event Type
    March 15 Dancing On The Edge Of A Volcano: Social Media Meeting
    April 2012
    Date Event Type
    April 16 to April 17 PA Legislative & Legal Conference Conference
    April 19 YES YOU CAN! …..UNDERSTAND BENEFITS: CONTROL COSTS, Self Funding & More! Meeting
    May 2012
    Date Event Type
    May 17 The Accountable Self: Becoming A Finisher In A World Of Starters Meeting
    June 2012
    Date Event Type
    June 1 to August 31 Summer Break!
    June 24 to June 27 SHRM 2012 National Conference & Explosion Conference
    September 2012
    Date Event Type
    September 20 Pop Pop Fizz Fizz: Oh What A Relief It Is: RELIEF FROM UC CHARGES? YES! It is possible! Meeting
    October 2012
    Date Event Type
    October 18 Scared To Hire Someone With A Disability? Why? It Can Be A Bootiful Thing! Get The Details! Capabilities NOT Disabilities! Meeting
    November 2012
    Date Event Type
    November 15 Minimizing Costs and Managing Risk in a Post Election PPACA World: SAY WHAT? Healthcare Help! Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Meeting
    December 2012
    Date Event Type
    December 20 Holiday Party! Meeting